My work is for adult audiences and those who enjoy a splatter edge to their fantasy. It will contain graphic descriptions of violence and other potentially disturbing subjects. Content warnings are listed at the top of each page.

Dead Meat

After the frozen remains of dinner take the shape of a man, a team of researchers find themselves irreversibly changed...Dead Meat is a horror fantasy taking place in the 90's. For the morbidly inclined, enjoyers of corny comedy beats and lovers of the inhuman human. Kindly being beta read by Cinna!


06.30.2023. Dead Meat Part 3 has been uploaded.

05.11.2024. Dead Meat Part 2 has been uploaded.

03.31.2024. Dead Meat Part 1 has been uploaded.

02.24.2024. Algor Mortis is open for business.

Algor Mortis & the Author

From the National Library of Medicine:

Algor mortis is translated from Latin as “cold death” and describes the postmortem temperature change after someone has died. After death, individuals no longer produce body heat or cooling mechanisms and the decedent temperature slowly approaches ambient temperature.

I'm Jaq, an indeterminably queer 30-something. I fancy myself a creative some days of year, which is about as often as this page will be updated. I love art, cats, biology, thanatology and HORROR! Algor Mortis is a dedicated space to archive my writing & art!